SleepCoffee® founder and nocturnal warrior, George Smart sought to develop his favorite beverage into a sleep aid. George was an insomniac and a seasoned fortune 500 food executive. In early 2000, George hired industry leading food scientists to develop a natural formula that could compliment decaffeinated coffee for his personal consumption. In late 2000, George successfully introduced  SleepCoffee® and promptly thereafter hibernated. ZZZzzzz. Prior to 2018 George only shared his magical brew with friends and selected retail clients. In 2018, George was forced to expand SleepCoffee® production due to the energetic demand of his now well rested friends. It is George's greatest desire for you to sleep better. George puts extra sprinkles of love in every cup because you are part his SleepCoffee® family. Thank You for your generous support of SleepCoffee®. SleepCoffee® hopes you sleep well and looks forward to helping you exceed your sleep expectations!


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